Litigation Avoidance from the Outset: Effective Recruitment and Hiring

May 15, 2014
Mid Atlantic Staffing Association

12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Wayne Pinkstone will be the speaker for a Mid Atlantic Staffing Association webinar titled “Litigation Avoidance from the Outset: Effective Recruitment and Hiring.”

Poor recruitment and hiring methods can have a direct and detrimental impact on a company’s bottom line. The consequences of hiring the wrong person can range from attendance issues, to high turnover or, in some cases, costly litigation. However, there are effective ways to mitigate these risks through implementing best practices at the recruitment and hiring stages. This webinar will cover those best practices by addressing topics such as the application screening process, pre-employment inquiries and background checks, reference checks, interview techniques and the importance of job descriptions. The webinar will also cover potential legal risks and pitfalls in the hiring process.

Please note that there is a cost to attend this.

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