Making Cannabis Unicorns a Reality

October 28, 2020

9:30 am PT | 12:30 pm ET

Worldwide, more than 400 companies are deemed to be “unicorns” – privately held businesses valued at more than $1 billion – and they span a broad range of industries, from artificial intelligence to fintech to telecom. But there’s not even one cannabis-sector unicorn. Not yet.

We’ll explore the complex factors currently pressuring the growth of cannabis businesses and the positive signs that capital, cash and credit could soon converge to create the first cannabis unicorns, as well as the creative and outside-the-box thinking needed to take advantage of these opportunities.


  • Progress towards federal legalization
  • Trading on the U.S. and other securities markets
  •  Increased access to later-stage funds and institutional financing
  • Bankruptcy courts in currently distressed markets
  • USPTO recognition of CBD trademarking
  • Private equity fundraising
  • Debt financing and convertible debt