McQueen to Present at 2013 Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo

July 26, 2013

Douglas McQueen will discuss the legal issues surrounding the development of unmanned aircraft systems in the United States at the 2013 Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo on July 25 - 26, 2013 at TechShop San Francisco.

TechShop San Francisco is a 17,000-square-foot community-based workshop and prototyping studio aimed at enhancing the accessibility of the tools of innovation. TechShop offers creators cutting-edge tools, equipment, and computers loaded with design software featuring the Autodesk Design Suite. In addition, TechShop offers builders the space necessary to work and the support and camaraderie of a community of makers. 

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Doug recenlty appeared as a guest speaker on a sUASNews podcast hosted by Patrick Egan and Gene Robinson available here.  sUAS News is the global news source for the unmanned aviation community.