New Jersey Prevailing Wage Update

December 15, 2016 at 1:00pm2:30pm
Lorman Education Services
Live webinar

Mark Tabakman will speak at the Lorman Education Services live webinar, "New Jersey Prevailing Wage Update," which will explore no-hassle ways to comply with New Jersey prevailing wage law.

This topic helps persons responsible for administering and complying with prevailing wage regulations and requirements and owners of contracting companies to understand how to establish an overall policy/system for complying with the law and for responding to an audit and/or a complaint, whether by a single worker or a union. Topics to be covered include: 

  • When Are Prevailing Wages and Contractor Registration Required?
    • What Is a Public Works Project?
    • How Is the Prevailing Wage Determined?
    • Who Must Be Paid the Prevailing Wage?
    • The Problem of Misclassification
  • Who Is Responsible for the Payment of Prevailing Wages?
    • What Are the Contractor/Subcontractor's Responsibilities to Comply With the Law?
    • Impact of the Prevailing Wage on Material Suppliers and Fabricators
  • How Is New Jersey Prevailing Wage Law Enforced?
    • Enforcement by New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
    • Audit Process
    • Back Wages, Penalties and Administrative Fees
    • Debarment Actions, Revocation of Contractor Registration
  • Defending Prevailing Wage Claims
    • Dealing With Agency Audits and Wage Claims
    • Defending Private Actions by Individual Workers and Class Actions
    • Debarment Proceedings
  • Prevailing Wage "Side Issues"
    • Calculating Hours Worked
    • Travel Time and Portal to Portal Act
    • Off-Site Work, Covered or Not Covered?

*Please note that there is a cost associated with this event.