NJSBA Women’s Leadership Conference

January 13, 2021 at 2:00pm5:30pm
New Jersey State Bar Association's Women in the Profession Section and Diversity Committee

Women have been especially hard hit in the ongoing public health pandemic. They are leaving the workforce in droves as the demands of work, home, school, and caregiving collide and fall disproportionately on them. In addition, the legal world also lost one of its icons this fall with the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose ties to New Jersey are deep.

Join this virtual conference to celebrate the role of women in the legal profession, explore the legacy of Justice Ginsburg and the power of her dissents, hear from New Jersey's women justices and take part in a hands-on workshop to improve communication skills so you can be heard in any room.

I Dissent: Justice Ginsburg, her New Jersey Legacy and the Power of Speaking up

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away nearly four months ago, but her legacy continues to resonate in the legal community and in particular, for female attorneys. This program will explore the feminist icon’s influence on women’s rights during her tenure as a practicing attorney, professor at Rutgers Law School, and while on the Supreme Court bench. It will focus on the Justice’s legacy in this state, increase professional competencies by exploring the role and power of dissent, and engage in a candid discussion on how attorneys can follow the path of the Notorious RBG by raising their voices and speak up to break that glass ceiling. Seton Hall Law School Dean Kathleen Boozang and Rutgers University Law School Vice Dean Rose Cuison-Villazor; and Rachel Wainer Apter, director of the New Jersey Attorney General's Division of Civil Rights will take part in a discussion that Maria Vallejo, co-chair of the Diversity Committee will moderate. Additional speakers to be named.

Reflections from the New Jersey Supreme Court

Hear from Justices Jaynee LaVecchia, Anne Patterson, Fabiana Pierre-Louis, and former Justices Virginia A. Long and Helen Hoens as they discuss their career paths and experiences; how they learned to speak up and use their voices in rooms of power; how they tackle a dissent; and why it is important that the voices of women and others who are marginalized are heard in the justice system. WIPS Chair Susan Nardone will moderate the panel.

Speaking Up: Even When Your Saboteurs Say Shut Up

One of the most important things you can do as a leader is to advocate for yourself, your ideas, and others. It is essential that you believe in your talents, own your worth, and trust in your power- especially when your inner voices tell you not to. Being able to communicate and embody these skills effectively gives your organization the benefit of your ideas. It also helps you individually position yourself for advancement and is a crucial driver to success and fulfillment. In this session, we will learn about our saboteurs, techniques to eliminate their impact, and effectively advocate and influence others.

Sheila Murphy, CED of Focus Forward Consulting, will lead a workshop session that will also focus on the power of speaking bravely and honestly. She will conduct a hands-on session to provide practical leadership techniques that will lift women of all backgrounds in the profession and community. She is a former senior legal officer for a Fortune 50 company and will help attendees develop communication skills and strategies in working with clients and colleagues