Optimizing the Bottom Line: Negotiating Managed Care Contracts and Leveraging Value-Based Payment Programs

November 9, 2018 at 8:45am9:45am
Georgia Medical Group Management Association’s (GMGMA) Fall Forum
Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter

111 Perimeter Center West

Atlanta, GA 30346

A medical practice's profitability can be impacted by numerous variables, some of which are beyond the practice's control. However, managed care contracts and provider compensation are two factors well within the practice's control if they are understood, negotiated, and managed properly. Learn the key areas of the focus when negotiating managed care contracts. Understand the legal significance of standard provisions in managed care contracts that allow practice managers to make judicious use of their leverage in negotiations and to refine contract language to the practice's advantage. Session will include CMS value-based payment programs and how many group practices may effectively participate in them utilizing their physicians and mid-level providers so as to maximize revenue.