Pandemic Lessons Learned & What Comes Next

December 16, 2020 at 10:30am12:00pm

Part of Primepoint's HR Labor Law Webinar Series

Ian D. Meklinsky, a partner in the firm's Labor & Employment Department and Judy Sailer, an HR solutions specialist with Primepoint, discuss employment law litigation trends that indicate employers are still facing pandemic workplace issues. Learn how to spot the workplace red flags that can leave your business vulnerable to a lawsuit. Covered topics include:

  • The COVID Litigation Tracking Project
  • Termination in a COVID world
  • Workplace safety
  • Leave laws
  • ADA
  • The Next Wave: current and coming staff challenges
  • Degrees of staff separation - COVID contact and more
  • Travel restrictions and obligations
  • FFRCA: What is next?
  • Furloughs and layoffs
  • The increase in OSHA notices
  • Legitimate claims vs. questionable claims
  • Leave issues
  • Wage and hour claims