Paternity Cases: Is the Standard for Paternity in Pennsylvania Changing?

September 28, 2012
Julia Swain
Pennsylvania Bar Institute
Mechanicsburg, PA

Paternity is most often in dispute in claims for child support, but it can be an important question for child custody, estate matters, social security survivor and workers’ compensation benefits and medical treatment.

Genetic testing is the norm to determine the identity of the man who conceived a child with a woman through conventional sexual methods. However, in Pennsylvania there are still a notable number of cases that determine paternity using the doctrines of marital presumption or estoppel. The presumption of paternity is nearly insurmountable when, at the time the husband’s paternity is challenged, mother, her husband, and the child comprise an intact family wherein the husband has assumed parental responsibilities for the child.

Attendees will:

  • Review the standard for paternity in Pennsylvania child support cases
  • Learn from a panel of judges and experienced family law practitioners what recent case law says and how it may change the outcome in child support cases where paternity is at issue