PFA Practice and Procedure in the First Judicial District: Contemporary Challenges Faced by Judges, Lawyers and Litigants

October 12, 2018 at 2:15pm3:15pm
Julia Swain
Philadelphia Bar Association, Bench-Bar & Conference

Atlantic City, NJ

Julia served as co-course planner for this presentation at the Bench-Bar & Conference in Atlantic City. 

PFA Practice and Procedure in the First Judicial District:  Contemporary Challenges Faced by Judges, Lawyers and Litigants

According to the latest caseload statistics, there were 39,000 new actions filed under Pennsylvania’s Protection From Abuse Act in 2016. One-quarter of these cases were filed in the First Judicial District. PFA practice in Philadelphia County is unique in many ways, for not only are most of the litigants unrepresented, many of them need interpreters. And with the use of social media evidence soaring in these cases, family lawyers need to know the proper way to introduce and authenticate digital evidence showing threats of violence, intimidation, and stalking. This CLE is designed for both those in general practice, as well as those who concentrate  in the larger field of domestic relations. How does one subpoena a police officer to testify at trial, and what if he/she isn’t available? How does one properly introduce a police report? When can a victim testify to alleged incidents of abuse not raised in the PFA filing? How common is it for judges to order interim support or custody as part of the final order of protection? Can a lawyer successfully move to seal a PFA record? These and other contemporary challenges will be addressed by a uniquely qualified panel of the bench and bar.