Pharmaceutical Crystal Forms (Polymorphs) and IP Protection

March 25, 2011
Crystal Pharmatech Co., Ltd.
Suzhou, China

Polymorphism in drug development can significantly impact: bioavailability; API and formulation processing; as well as drug product performance in a multitude of areas. Therefore, a thorough understanding of solid phases of a drug substance is crucial in the whole drug discovery and development life cycle.

Sessions focused on illuminating the participants on the impact of polymorphism and solid state properties in pharmaceutical development. Real "case studies,” characterization tools and problem solving skills were discussed in-depth.


  • Polymorphism and its impact in API and formulation development
  • Hydrates
  • Amorphous solid dispersions
  • Pharmaceutical Cocrystals
  • Polymorph IP development and protection
  • Solid state characterization tools
  • Application of solid state NMR to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Chiral resolution through crystallization


Wansheng Jerry Liu, Ph.D.
Fox Rothschild