Political Speech in the Workplace: Protections, Policies and Best Practices

April 2, 2020 at 2:45pm4:15pm
National Business Institute

Ensure Employers Handle Workplace Political Speech the Right Way

Contentious workplace political speech has become all too common - no matter if it's in the form of informal office discussions, a sign in a cubicle, a sticker on a hardhat, or something else entirely. Employers need to regulate this speech to protect themselves against hidden legal liabilities. This comprehensive course clarifies misconceptions and offers practical solutions you can use to craft policies, discipline employees and more. You'll take away the information you need to maximize protections that draw lines in the sand - register today!

  • Ensure you know where First Amendment rights begin and end when it comes to workplace political speech.
  • Appraise and extinguish the dangers of discrimination and harassment claims that can arise out of political discussions.
  • Craft "no political activity" policies that maximize employer protections and reduce the threat of legal liabilities.