Preliminary Injunction Litigation: Winning or Defeating Emergency Motions

July 21, 2020

This CLE webinar will cover the strategies and best practices for obtaining or opposing accelerated pre-trial relief and how to enforce a preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order (TRO). Injunctions are powerful tools to stop wrongdoing and preserve the dissipation of assets. But even the perfect motion for relief will fail without compelling evidence that demands court action. And once obtained, injunctive relief is only as valuable as the power to enforce it.

The panel will review these and other vital questions:

  • What cases are particularly suited for emergency orders like preliminary injunctions and TROs?
  • What constitutes irreparable injury--and when are you entitled to a presumption of irreparable harm?
  • How does the status quo impact preliminary injunctive relief?
  • How is the order enforced?

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