Promote Science, Advocate Compliance, Cooperation, and Service

October 3, 2020

9:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

One virus, 23 million infected people, and 800,000 deaths in just eight short months. The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a devastating public health threat. Yet, it has awakened a recognition of humanity’s need of science, coupled with sound public policy within a regulatory framework, for tackling such a calamity. This pandemic illustrated the vital need for the cooperation of government, the community, industry, academia, basic sciences, and applied technologies to solve a monumental problem.

In plenary session II, you will hear prominent leaders from academia, industry, and regulatory authorities, including the two 2020 SAPA Distinguished Achievement Awardees, to share their knowledge and views on topics ranging from basic sciences to pharmaceutical development to regulatory approval processes. In addition, this session will also include celebration and recognition of SAPA volunteerism and contributions and support from SAPA members and sponsors.