Protecting Corporate Assets In The Millennium – What In-House Lawyers Need to Know to Safeguard Their Company’s Bottom Line

September 23, 2010
Association of Corporate Counsel America South Florida Chapter
Fort Lauderdale Marriott North6650 North Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

8 a.m. - 7:15 p.m.

Fox Rothschild Education Session

The Benefits of Developing a Working Relationship with Outside Labor and Employment Counsel
Jerold Glassman

The selection of outside labor and employment counsel is a serious decision for an organization that is best handled in a methodical and well thought out manner. All too often, counsel is selected based upon a few typical scenarios. Selection may be based upon a relationship between internal counsel and his/her former firm. Labor and employment counsel may be selected by the organization’s outside corporate firm to handle a specific case. Worse yet, the organization may be faced with a critical need and select counsel without a thorough analysis and miss the opportunity to select a firm that can best meet its needs. The purpose of this session is to provide the audience with a guide to retaining and working with outside labor and employment counsel to determine the right fit. Many of the considerations presented stem from the simple fact that both organizations and law firms are unique. When dealing with sensitive employee issues, the organization must ensure that it has a well established working relationship with its outside firm that takes into account a variety of internal and external factors.

Cyberspace Lies: Representation of the Corporate Client and Ethical Considerations
Amy S. Rubin and David Greene

With increasing frequency, corporations are becoming the target of lies and misrepresentations spread in cyberspace. This session will focus on what can be done about and how to deal with those who engage in these tactics. The presentation will also include a discussion about working to use such a situation to the client's advantage. Finally, the presentation will address some of the ethical issues that may arise in connection with this type of situation.

Seven Things Corporate Counsel Must Know About IP
Presenter: Robert Sacco

This session is specifically designed to provide corporate counsel with key practice pointers relating to intellectual property issues they are most likely to encounter. The presentation will reveal hidden risk areas that are frequently overlooked by corporate counsel, and best practices for keeping your company out of trouble.