Regulatory ”Intervention”

September 7, 2018 at 9:30am10:15am
International Masters of Gaming Law 2018 Autumn Conference
Carlo IV Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic

The total gambling advertising ban recently introduced by the Italian government set the stage for a regulatory tsunami affecting not just the local gaming industry but also collateral sectors like sports and media largely benefiting from money generously poured by the operators to market their brands.  Now more than ever gaming regulations appear to be driven and implemented in a way and with dynamics that are not the outcome of a sound and fair consultation and interaction process between regulators, operators and other concerned stakeholders, but rather as a result of heavily biased, often ill-judged and very populist political moves aimed at gaining easy and fast consent from the constituencies. Will the latest Italian-style regulatory job make waves also across the Alps?

*Please note there is a cost to attend.