Regulatory Update: Drafting Employee Handbooks

March 24, 2016 at 1:00pm2:30pm
Compliance World

Mark E. Tabakman will be presenting, "Regulatory Update: Drafting Employee Handbooks" in a webinar hosted by Compliance World.

Join Mark as he discusses the importance of drafting employee handbooks. The handbook can result in liabilities if not drafted and enforced/interpreted in the appropriate manner. Attendees will learn just what the necessary steps are to ensure that the handbook remains the employer’s “ally”.

Course topics include:

  • Why Have A Handbook?
  • Maintaining At-Will Employment Through A Disclaimer;
  • Mandatory Policies for Employer Protection
  • Defining and Limiting Fringe Benefit Entitlements;
  • Social Media/Computer Usage Policies: Dangers Lurking Within
  • Should Arbitration Be Offered? Pro and Con
  • Confidentiality/Restrictive Covenant Polices: Does One Size Fit All?
  • Leave Policies
  • State vs Federal Law