Restaurant Law in New York City: COVID-19 Edition

April 7, 2021 at 9:00am12:00pm
New York City Bar

This program will focus on the corporate, real estate, liquor license, and labor/employment issues involved in opening and operating a restaurant in New York City, and will touch on legal challenges facing restaurants during the pandemic. Learn about the choices of legal entity to form for restaurant projects, investment and management structures, purchase and sales transactions and transfer liability. Review lease issues such as build outs and provisions regarding assignment, contingencies, and guarantees. Find out the requirements for obtaining on and off premises liquor licenses and how to navigate the process and procedure before the New York State Liquor Authority and the local Community Boards. Learn about overtime, sex harassment policies, spread of hours, the 80/20 rule, tip credit, and other essential labor and employment issues.  In addition, we will focus on Special pandemic issues include rules for indoor and outdoor dining and delivery of alcohol, renegotiating leases, bankruptcy and reorganization options, quarantine and leave issues, vaccines, and pandemic insurance claims.