Settlement and Separation Agreement Pitfalls

February 2, 2016
Fox Rothschild LLP
New York, NY

Probably at least once a week, Labor & Employment attorneys draft settlement and/or separation agreements for their clients. Sometimes these agreements concern only one individual, other times they may include a group or class of individuals. Increasingly, courts and government agencies are closely scrutinizing these agreements. In some cases, courts refuse to enforce them unless they are modified. In other cases, the government will find that the employer has committed a separate violation of the law when it includes clauses in such agreements that the government finds offensive.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Clauses that should be in every agreement
  • "Typical" clauses that cause problems for employers
  • ADEA and "mass layoffs"
  • When you need court approval for a settlement
  • Class Action settlement agreements


Glenn S. Grindlinger


This program will take place LIVE in New York, but a video conference will be available to all offices, excludind Stamford.


California CLE 1.5 General - Participatory
Colorado CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Delaware CLE 1.5 General
Florida CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Georgia CLE 1.5 Regular (Pending)
Illinois CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Indiana CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Minnesota CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Montana CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Nevada CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
New Jersey CLE 1.8 General
New York CLE 1.5 PP - Transitional
North Carolina CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
North Dakota CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Ohio CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Pennsylvania CLE 1.5 Substantive
Texas CLE 1.5 Accredited General (Pending)
Utah CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
Virginia CLE 1.5 General (Pending)
West Virginia CLE 1.8 General (Pending)
Wyoming CLE 1.5 General (Pending)

For information and questions regaring this event, please contact Kathleen Nicholson at [email protected].