Solving the Mystery of Mergers & Acquisitions (Spoiler Alert: The Owner/Founder Did It!)

July 24, 2019 at 1:30pm3:00pm
Bill Mandel
ACEC Fall Conference

An increasing number of engineering and consulting firms are acquiring other firms, merging their firms, or selling their practices, and although every M&A transaction is different with respect to its economic and legal terms, they all share a common process.

Yet it's not every day that you buy or sell your firm, and the limited experience many engineers and consultants carry exposes them to costly pitfalls.

Join Bill Mandel to learn the essentials of M&A, including tools to help you:

  • Value your firm
  • Identify what major acquirers in the engineering consultant space are looking for in an M&A partner, and how to position your firm to be a target
  • Understand the M&A process, including economic and legal terms of a deal
  • Review the most recent deal terms and how your firm would fare in the M&A market
  • Discover how long an M&A deal can take and what factors speed or slow the process
  • Avoid common pitfalls to achieve a successful transaction