Straight Talk About Privacy, Security and Cyber Liability Insurance for Debt Collectors

September 19, 2019 at 1:00pm
Odia Kagan

The ability to amass hordes of consumer information was once considered the hallmark of a powerful, successful collection agency. 

But in recent years, servers loaded with consumer information have become a single point of failure. With the effective date of the California Consumer Privacy Act just four months away and sister states passing data breach laws faster than we can track, collection agency owners are clamoring for information about how to best prepare. To help its clients comply with the CCPA and improve their practices surrounding the storage of consumer data, three experts in their respective fields have been invited to share their insights on:

  • Critical steps to CCPA readiness
  • Data mapping fundamentals
  • Management of requests to be forgotten
  • Recommended practices to protect consumer data
  • Cybersecurity insurance  fundamentals