Tax, Trusts & Estates and Investment Considerations for Israeli and American Families and Their Businesses

February 9, 2020 at 7:00pm9:00pm
Fox Rothschild and Broide & Co.
East Side Torah Center - Chabad at Bellevue

16199 Northup Way

Bellevue, WA 98008

When a family tree has branches in both the United States and Israel, important decisions on how to cultivate and preserve family wealth take on new layers of complexity.

Join us for a special discussion covering the financial and legal issues that may arise when handling tax, trust and estate, and investment planning for Israeli and American families and their businesses.

Topics include:

  • Who Benefits? Ins & Outs of Income and Estate Tax Planning and Compliance for US Trusts with Israeli Beneficiaries
  • Select U.S. and Israeli Tax and Legal Issues When Doing Business in Israel
  • Investment Issues and Planning for Israeli and American Families and Business Executives


  • Debra Hirsch, Fox Rothschild LLP
  • Mark Hess, Fox Rothschild LLP
  • Gidon Broide, Broide & Co.
  • Ben Maimon, Maimon Wealth
  • Greg Roer, Roer and Company