The 2019 Aviation Symposium

February 5, 2019

Once again, “Nimbus Airlines” will provide the opportunity to focus on all phases of accident/incident/event training, preparation and response. With our entertaining, moderated format, you will hear panels on accidents in a foreign county, family assistance, emotional support/service animals, FAA developments and a host of topical, cutting-edge subjects. 

In our 13th annual symposium, we will focus on, among other things, aviation accidents, incidents and events occurring outside the United States. Issues and areas to be considered, include:

  • ICAO Annex 13
  • The role of your Company
  • The role of the NTSB and the State Department
  • Criminalization of your accident
  • Getting the crew out of the country . . . or not?
  • Family assistance challenges

You’ll also hear panels on:

  • Recent changes in the Flight Standards Service of the FAA and what to expect in 2019
  • Managing the risk and dealing with claims, monetary and otherwise, from disgruntled passengers
  • What happens when you find yourself involved in the litigation process following an accident, incident or other event
  • How to write reports involving accidents, incident or events . . . and what not to write
  • And many more highly topical subjects.