The Panama Papers: Guidance for Tax Counsel To Mitigate Client Tax Penalties and Criminal Prosecution

July 26, 2016 at 1:00pm2:30pm

Matthew D. Lee will speak at the Strafford webinar and interactive Q&A event, "The Panama Papers: Guidance for Tax Counsel to Mitigate Client Tax Penalties and Criminal Prosecution," which will provide tax counsel and advisers with guidance for clients with offshore holdings who may fall under the scope of the “Panama Papers” or similar disclosure of shelter holdings. The panel will discuss due diligence requirements and processes, disclosure strategies, Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (ODVP) opportunities, and other relevant topics.

The panel will discuss these and other important issues:

  • Conducting a client review of holdings to identify exposure due to possible inclusion in the Panama Papers/Mossack Fonseca database
  • Identifying tax havens implicated by Panama Papers release
  • Discovering “shell” or nominee entities
  • Understanding the mechanics of OVDP participation
  • Consdiering other available disclosure programs
  • Developing strategies for disclosure in circumstances where the IRS may determine that the accounts “disclosed” are already public record

*Please note that there is a cost associated with this event.