The Pitch: Essentials for Success & Blunders to Avoid

September 24, 2019 at 3:15pm4:15pm
AWS Startup Day Philadelphia
Pennovation Center

3401 Grays Ferry Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19146

There's no perfect pitch deck. However, there are elements every investor will be looking for, and that your deck better have. If you are in the school of, “Why do I need a pitch deck at all?” it's time to change your thinking. A spiffy series of slides won't magically get you investors, customers, or those critical early hires. But it's a way in, especially for novice entrepreneurs. In this talk we'll cover what’s critical to have in a deck, what’s best left out, and how to combine everything to tell a compelling story about yourself and your startup. This session will end with a live Q&A.