The Rise and Fall of COAH and Its Third Round Regulations: Development and Other Strategies for the Immediate Future

December 8, 2010
Fox Rothschild LLP
Princeton Pike Corporate Center997 Lenox Drive
Building 3
Princeton, NJ

8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Fox Rothschild LLP invites you to attend this important seminar on the future of New Jersey affordable housing

A New Jersey appellate court recently invalidated significant portions of the revised third round of regulations promulgated in 2008 by the NJ Council of Affordable Housing (COAH). This decision has been hailed as both a victory and a setback to stakeholders in the issue, but there are looming questions the decision did not answer: What happens to municipalities that have already received substantive certification? What about municipalities that are already in court?

Many communities have spent time, effort and money to become certified, and now a portion of the rules have been determined to be invalid. The status of existing fair share plans is uncertain at best. Many plans may now face challenges on the basis of the Appellate Division decision.

Join us for this program – being held for your convenience in our office in Princeton – as we explore the rise and fall of COAH and help you formulate a blueprint for moving forward with development as a result of the appellate court's decision. Our panel features experienced real estate attorneys who are well-versed in New Jersey zoning rules and approvals and who have been involved in Mt. Laurel affordable housing suits and administrative proceedings before COAH.


Henry L. Kent-Smith, Esq.
Fox Rothschild LLP

Jack Plackter, Esq.
Fox Rothschild LLP

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