The U.S. Energy Regulation and Litigation: Trends, Updates, and Critical Issues

October 1, 2020
The Knowledge Group

noon - 2:00 pm ET 

The energy sector has been changing constantly over the years, with important regulatory developments and court decisions in the backdrop. While the legal landscape remains uncertain, businesses and their counsel must keep themselves updated with current and emerging developments in the regulatory paradigm. They must revisit their practices to avoid legal liabilities. Re-evaluating their existing litigation strategies is another way to better position themselves.

In a LIVE Webcast, a panel of key thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will provide the audience with an in-depth discussion of the significant trends and developments in the U.S. energy regulation and litigation. Speakers will also analyze critical issues and offer practical tips and strategies in this evolving legal climate.

Key topics include:

  • The U.S Energy Regulation: Trends and Updates
  • Regulation and Litigation Developments
  • Notable Cases and Court Decisions
  • Critical Issues and Challenges
  • Best Compliance Practices
  • Outlook