Top Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Leave of Absence

August 9, 2019 at 1:00pm2:30pm

Avoid liability by staying in compliant with leave of absence requirements.

Employers must comply with various leave laws promulgated by Congress, state legislatures, and municipal governments. These leave laws create a patchwork of overlapping protections for employees. Because of the myriad of leave laws, employers often make mistakes about when to provide leave, how to provide leave, the documents they must issue to formalize the leave, and the information that they may lawfully obtain in order to substantiate an employee’s leave. These mistakes, which are often easily avoided, can create significant liability for an employer. This topic apprises employers have some of the common mistakes they make when handling employee leaves, and provides them insight on how they can avoid such mistakes in the future, which will minimize liability, conserve resources, and, in the long run, save employer’s money. Credits: ASA, CLE, CPE, SHRM, NASBA, and HR Certification Institute.

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