Traveling Globally

June 2014Articles Matrimonial Strategist-- Law Journal Newsletters
As a result of escalating apprehension concerning international child abductions, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Departments have issued policies and procedures that specifically apply to single parents with children traveling internationally.
When traveling internationally with a child, it is important to note that every child, regardless of age, requires a passport and both parents must be present when the child applies for it. If one of the parents cannot be present for this application process, a notarized Statement of

Consent from the missing parent is required. A DS-3053 form is also available if the applying parent cannot locate the other parent and must fill out this form explaining efforts made to locate the missing parent. If the applying parent is the sole guardian of the child, he or she must also provide proof of sole legal custody before the child can obtain a passport.

The documentation used to obtain the child’s passport is the same documentation the parent should also use at the time of travel. This includes evidence of parental relationship, such as a birth certificate, photo identification, and proof of United States citizenship. Similar to obtaining the child’s passport, a letter of consent from the missing parent is also vital at the time of travel. It is also important to note that each destination country has its own specific requirements for traveling with a minor child, and parents should research these necessary procedures before travel.

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