Taxation & Wealth Planning

Fiduciary Litigation


  • Successfully represented trustee of a trust with significant oil and gas assets in opposing decedent’s will that attempted to transfer interests to unauthorized beneficiaries in violation of the deed of trust. Court ruled in favor of the trustee, and rejected the executor’s argument that deed of trust was invalid.
  • Gained a favorable ruling in representation of a beneficiary of an estate in seeking interpretation of a 1940s document, resulting in significant recovery by our client.
  • Represented a trustee in asking for declaratory judgment as to whether adopted children and their offspring were entitled to distribution of an $70 million trust.
  • Prosecuted successfully a surcharge case against a fiduciary found guilty of negligence/self dealing.
  • Defeated an action to remove a corporate trustee from management of a large community foundation.
  • Pursued successfully a life insurance carrier to win reinstatement of a multimillion-dollar policy held as a trust asset.
  • Sought ruling decades later on a 1929 trust regarding what law applied given that all circumstances and investment provisions were out of date.
  • Challenged the conduct of an executor resulting in his removal from a $100 million estate and the placement of our client as executor.
  • Defended executors of a $560 million corporate foundation against a motion to remove them.
  • Represented an incapacitated CEO of a steel corporation in a guardianship worth $14 million.