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June 28, 2017Newsletters

It’s our favorite time of the month! The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, in Chicago. We have provided a summary of both the Riverboat and Video Gaming Meetings below.

Riverboat Meeting

Present at the meeting were Chairman Tracy, Member Dunn, Member Dolins, and Member Robinson. Member Alejandre had an excused absence. The Chairman’s only comment was that there will be no July meeting and that the next scheduled meeting is in August. There were no other comments made by Board Members or the Administrator, nor were there any public commentary speakers. 

Casino Queen, Inc. (Casino Queen) provided initial consideration for its license renewal. Additionally, Doug Bybee, Casino Queen’s Director of Finance, was approved as a Key Person.

The Board tabled consideration for the Level 1 occupational license of Elgin Riverboat Resort d/b/a Grand Victoria Casino’s Internal Auditor, Chinedum Otigbuo, and approved the initial supplier license of Global Payment Gaming Services.

The Board approved 56 Level 2 and 97 Level 3 occupational licenses, and issued notices of denial to three individuals.

The Board issued disciplinary complaints revoking the occupational licenses of five individuals for reasons that included alleged misconduct at Rivers Casino, alleged misconduct at Hollywood Casino Joliet, and alleged misconduct in conjunction with providing false information to the Board.

Lastly, the Board rescinded a disciplinary complaint previously issued against Jason T. Schoby, DC-17-11.

Video Gaming Meeting

The Chairman and the Board Members had no comments and the Administrator only provided his monthly location update stating there are 6,133 live locations with 26,971 Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs). The Chairman and the Administrator then briefly discussed that such a number is equal to approximately 22 riverboats.

In the public comment section of the meeting our own Donna More discussed the possibility of consolidating renewal dates and information requests for licensees required to provide Riverboat Annual Updates and Video Gaming Annual Renewals. Such a consolidation would streamline information requests and alleviate duplicative efforts by both IGB staff and licensees saving everyone time and money. Following her commentary, the Administrator stated he believed it would be beneficial for the Board to have a discussion with Bob Burke, Licensing Coordinator and Supervisor of the Licensing Analysis Unit, and Jim Lopinski, Supervisor of the Financial Analysis Unit, to identify any potential issues. We will continue to keep you informed on this matter. 

The meeting continued with the Board granting the initial terminal operator (TO) license of Golden Route Operations – Illinois LLC as well as the initial licenses of 47 terminal handlers, one technician, and 95 locations.

There were also a number of license renewals granted. The terminal hander, technician, and location licensees that were up for renewal this month and who provided updated information to the IGB, timely paid their renewal fees, and complied with all other requirements were renewed, as were the licenses of the following TOs and Distributor/Manufacturer/Supplier:

  • AP Gaming LLC;
  • Curo Group, LLC;
  • NRT Technology Corporation; and
  • Suzohapp Gaming Solutions, LLC.

The Board issued notices of non-renewals to 1807 Partners, Inc. d/b/a IL Poveretto and Christine C. Holian.

The Board also denied the applications of three terminal handlers/technicians and the following four establishments:

  • Bobby McBride d/b/a Hollywood Lounge;
  • GMG Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Pub 29;
  • Cozy World Inc. d/b/a New Cozy Korean Restaurant; and
  • Pig Dog Pub Inc. d/b/a Pig Dog Pub

The Board received requests for a hearing this month from the following four denied applicants: Phase IV – D, Inc. d/b/a Trudy’s Café Cash Island (Trudy’s); Illinois Interactive Gaming (IIG); Omega Bar & Grill, LTD. d/b/a Omega Bar & Grill LTD (Omega); and Symerton Tap, LLC d/b/a Symerton Tap LLC (Symerton). The Board granted the hearing request of Trudy’s, deferred IIG’s hearing request until the August meeting per the applicant’s request, denied the hearing request of Omega, and rescinded the denial of Symerton and granted it a location license.

The requests to reapply of Neatly Twisted, LLC d/b/a OGriffs Microbrewery and Grill and Lahey’s Lounge Inc. d/b/a Lahey’s Lounge were granted.

The Board issued the following disciplinary complaints against Video Gaming licensees:

  • The Board is seeking to revoke the terminal handler license of Joseph Sobin for allegedly providing false information to Board agents and allegedly failing to cooperate with the Board’s investigation;
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the terminal handler license of Sharon Larson and Nimbeth Herrera for alleged misconduct;
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the terminal handler license of William Beckmann for allegedly failing to inform the Board of an arrest, answer a IGB issued Disciplinary Complaint, and failing to pay the issued fine;
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the establishment license of Eats & Beats Entertainment Group, Inc. d/b/a Jackie’s Slots & Shots for allegedly failing to notify the Board of an arrest and criminal conviction of its owner;
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the following seven establishment licenses for alleged active tax liabilities:
    • Ms. D’s Kitchen Bar & Grill Inc. d/b/a Ms. D’s Kitchen;
    • Perna’s Pizza, Inc. d/b/a Perna’s Pizza;
    • Fisholee Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Nero’s Pizza & Pub;
    • Dutch Hallow Barn Corp. d/b/a Dutch Hollow Barn;
    • Stimac Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Stimac’s Restaurant & Bar;
    • Dos Banditos, Inc. d/b/a Charlie R’s Steak House; and
    • Janice M. Buttram d/b/a Jan’s Bar & Grill
  • The Board is seeking a $5,000 fine from seven establishments for allegedly allowing underage persons to enter VGT areas and wager using VGTs:
    • 27 Irving Park, LLC d/b/a Horseshoe Inn;
    • The Back Room, Inc. d/b/a Café Amici;
    • Anna’s Café Place, LLC d/b/a Anna’s Café Place, LLC (130706234);
    • Elite Café & Billiards, Inc.d/b/a Elite Billiards;
    • Simone Corp. d/b/a Bell Liquor & Tap;
    • Leiserv, LLC d/b/a Brunswick Zone - Niles; and
    • Nami99 Inc. d/b/a Sway Bar
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the following four establishment licenses for allegedly conducting video gaming in a manner that poses a threat to public health and safety :
    • Club 30, LLC d/b/a Jag’s Bar;
    • Breakout Inc. d/b/a Breakout Billiards;
    • Desperado Bar and Grill LLC d/b/a Desperado Bar and Grill LLC; and
    • Mucho Gusto LLC d/b/a N-Zuri
  • The Board is seeking a $1,000 fine from Horseshoe Saloon Inc. for the owner’s alleged interference with the operation of licensed VGTs;
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the establishment license of Stacy’s 45, Inc. d/b/a Stacy’s 45 for allegedly failing to maintain an active liquor license; and
  • The Board is seeking to revoke the establishment license of Lisa Frisby Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Jak’s Gaming Café due to the alleged statutory ineligibility of the owner’s husband whom the IGB designated as a Person with Significant Influence or Control (PSIC).

The Board rescinded the disciplinary complaint against Illinois Gaming Investors.

The Board also granted authority to the Administrator and staff to enter into settlements with the following six licensees:

  • B&R Just One More d/b/a Just One More;
  • Beverly Brink, Inc. d/b/a The Office;
  • Accel Entertainment Gaming, LLC;
  • Lucky Me, LLC d/b/a Lucky Me ;
  • Aunt Betty’s Barbeque & Spirits, LLC d/b/a Aunt B’s Place; and
  • Champaign Rentals, LLC d/b/a Food & Fun Emporium.

We hope you all enjoy your July! We will report back after the August meeting but, as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or issues please contact us at any time.