Immigration Practice Matters

  • Handled the immigration programs for major international fashion houses involving designers, managers and professionals.

  • Advised a major institution on compliance with employer sanctions law, reviewed the I-9 forms and provided guidance to human resources staff on maintaining compliance.

  • Represented a teaching hospital in securing H-1B visas for all of its entering medical residents.

  • Secured treaty investor visas for key personnel of one of the world’s largest international fashion eyewear manufacturers and distributors.

  • Counseled a Dutch manufacturer on launch of a U.S. office and staffing it with key technical personnel.

  • Secured "outstanding professor or researcher" visas for accomplished researchers in private industry.

  • Assisted a foreign national in filing for removal of the conditions of his conditional permanent residency after divorcing his wife, a U.S. citizen.

  • Gained a waiver of J-1 two-year foreign residence requirement for a pediatric pulmonary specialist from Lebanon.

  • Represented a biomedical engineer on his application for a national interest waiver immigrant visa petition.

  • Assisted a multinational high-tech company in Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) labor certifications, Employment-Based First Preference Immigration (EB-1) for multinational executives or manager positions, H-1B and L representation.

  • Coordinated the centralized representation of U.S. immigration matters for the financial services, investment management and insurance divisions of one of the world’s largest diversified financial services organizations.

  • Managed corporate restructuring and consolidation issues for the immigration practice of a major health care and health insurance provider.

  • Represented a 26-year-old sheep herder from Darfur, western Sudan, in a nationally publicized case about his escape from genocide and refugee camps to secure asylum in the United States.

  • Represented an Israeli military officer in his permanent residency as creator of the internationally recognized "Peacemakers" game technology (simulating Arab-Israeli negotiations).