The Intricate Nature of the U.S. Immigration System

December 16, 2010 – In The News
The Law Works

In a television interview with Dan Ringer from The Law Works, Bob Whitehill discusses the ins and outs of immigration, including how it has transformed over the years. “Immigration changes frequently based upon our economy, the sociology of our country, our need for labor and how we look at ourselves,” says Whitehill.

Whitehill highlights the significant delays for specific countries and different categories of immigration. For example, family-based immigration experiences a significant waiting period, he said. “People from India and China have to wait a very long period of time for employment-based immigration because there is a limited number of these visas and a very strong demand.”

Attaining a visa is more difficult today due to security concerns around the world. “If you want to work in the U.S., it’s a rigorous process,” says Whitehill, who goes on to detail the time-consuming process of getting a visa and comments on the incredible improvements in the technology of today’s immigration.