Whether technology is your business or merely enables it, internal technical innovation creates intangible assets critical to your competitive advantage. When technical breakthroughs occur, your business needs to protect them.

Fox’s Technology attorneys work closely and collaboratively with our colleagues covering all manner of Intellectual Property law to protect our clients’ discoveries, content and brands. Whether our clients are developing, acquiring, licensing or selling technology-based products or services, Fox attorneys assist in realizing successful business results through the protection or enforcement of a company’s IP assets.

Fox’s Technology and Intellectual Property attorneys handle a wide range of IP transactions and licensing matters, including:

  • IP rights creation, registration and protection
  • Inbound/outbound patent, trademark and copyright licensing
  • Brand extension and brand collaboration licensing
  • Master use, sync, broadcast and performance licensing
  • IP due diligence in M&A deals
  • Domestic and international commercial contracting