Intellectual Property “Mini-Audit”

Intellectual Property "Mini-Audit"

Understanding your IP position

Fox's Intellectual Property attorneys offer a "mini-audit" to help early stage companies understand their intellectual property position and prepare for due diligence questions from investors. As part of this service, we:

  • Provide a set of due diligence questions relating to a company's intellectual property
  • Have a conference call with management personnel to review the company's history, product development goals and responses to due diligence questions; and
  • Prepare a brief written report summarizing the company's intellectual property assets, identifying risk factors and providing recommendations for future actions.

Fox offers early stage (pre-venture investment) companies a flat fee for the Intellectual Property "Mini-Audit." We can also help these companies with patentability assessments; negotiation of research, development and or licensing agreements; third party patent analyses; and other intellectual property matters that are important to investors, customers and other stakeholders.