International Insurance and Reinsurance Representative Matters

A representation of some of the international reinsurance and insurance matters we have handled includes:

  • A Canadian reinsurance company in a series of acquisitions and divestitures, with an enterprise value in excess of $20 million.
  • A British insurance and reinsurance market, Lloyds of London, in hundreds of insurance disputes.
  • The world’s leading reinsurers with respect to reinsurance assumption and redomestication.
  • Korea’s largest non-life insurance company with respect to redomestication.
  • An international insurance corporation in an insurance and tax opinion.
  • An international bond company in U.S/U.K. opinion.
  • A state insurance department in international reinsurance liquidations in multiple foreign jurisdictions.
  • Global insurance and reinsurance companies with respect to licensure matters.
  • A global reinsurance company in its IPO.