The following represents a selection of projects where members of the Israel Practice Group assisted U.S. companies investing in Israel or Israeli companies doing business in the United States:

  • Represented acquirers of a factory in Israel in their successful negotiations with investors, including private placement memorandum (PPM) due diligence, disclosure and drafting.
  • Represented an investment firm focusing on inbound U.S. real estate investments by Israeli investors, including preparation of investment documents and general advice.
  • Advised Israeli individuals and companies on the investment climate in China.
  • Represented several Israeli clients in litigation relating to contract, real estate, fraud, and finance disputes.
  • Advised and represented major Israeli insurance companies and real estate investment companies in connection with the acquisition of residential, commercial, multi-family, and condominium buildings.
  • Advised dual U.S.-Israeli citizens on trusts set up in the U.S. to minimize taxation under Israeli income tax law.
  • Assisted an Israeli client with commercial litigation against a U.S. corporation.
  • Estate planning and estate administration for U.S. citizens and for dual U.S./Israeli citizens who own property in both countries.
  • Administered numerous estates where the decedent was a U.S. citizen and the beneficiaries reside in Israel.
  • Assisted an Israeli investor to obtain status as a treaty investor through a U.S. business, assisting with the visa interview at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv.