• Assisting in the development and implementation of business expansions in the United States and launches of new enterprises.
  • Managing real estate acquisition, development, finance and investment throughout the United States, including commercial, office, retail, shopping centers, condominiums and multiunit properties.
  • Trying litigation matters throughout the United States, including those related to contract real estate, fraud and finance disputes.
  • Providing tax advice, support and planning in connection with all business and personal matters.
  • Providing international and transnational personal estate and succession planning and wealth administration for U.S. citizens with assets in Israel, Israeli citizens with substantial assets in the United States and dual U.S./Israeli citizens who own property in both countries.
  • Advising on financing and partnership development related to the launch, expansion and distribution of fashion and apparel businesses of public and privately held domestic and foreign designers, manufacturers and retailers.
  • Providing full-service intellectual property support, including registration, filing, defense and protection.
  • Providing insolvency and bankruptcy advice and support, including restructuring, workouts and negotiations with creditors or debtors.
  • Assisting Israeli companies expanding to the U.S. in navigating complex immigration laws.