Ordinance 32 No More as COAH Dispute Drags On

December 29, 2010 – In The News
Shore News Today

After protests by concerned residents, Egg Harbor Township unanimously voted to table Ordinance 32, a rezoning agreement that would allow for a 572-unit development with 20 percent affordable housing. As a result, the Dec. 31 deadline for the township to reach an out-of-court settlement with the developer, English Creek Manor, is extended to May.

Jack Plackter, representing English Creek Manor in the case, said neither party is bound to the terms of the settlement outlined in Ordinance 32 since the township tabled the ordinance. Negotiations can continue and ultimately lead to a trial if no agreement is reached. “There was never really a deadline,” Plackter explained. “The bottom line is the township had to either accept or reject the settlement. By tabling it, they have in essence rejected it, so therefore the case will proceed.” According to Plackter, the case is set to go to trial in June, but could be settled with a new agreement before then. “Like any other case, sometimes cases settle on the courthouse steps,” he said.