Reinventing Atlantic City

March 2, 2012 – In The News
NJ Spotlight

Jack Plackter's comments appeared in an article discussing the newly built Revel Casino and how it may, or may not, assist in revitalizing Atlantic City.

The swanky new casino, complete with 14 different restaurants, six pools, three theaters an 1,800 hotel rooms, is a determining factor for many when it comes to the survival of the Northeast gambling hub.

If you make Atlantic City attractive, people will definitely come, said Plackter. Borgata has shown that, and Revel, when it opens, will show that, he said.

"Atlantic City is only 48 blocks long. You can fix this place one block at a time," Plackter said. "The issue is can it be done quickly enough. We don't have a huge window. We don't have 20 years."

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