Residents Can See Clearly Now as Avalon Votes Down View-Blocking Home

October 14, 2015 – In The News
Press of Atlantic City

Jack Plackter was featured in the Press of Atlantic City article “Residents Can See Clearly Now as Avalon Votes Down View-Blocking Home.” Full text can be found in the October 14, 2015, issue, but a synopsis is below.

A home being built on Avalon’s Seventh Street has caught the attention of many local residents due to the fact that the property reaches 85 feet beyond that of other Bayfront houses. The length of the house under development is causing an obstruction to neighbors who wish to view the bay from their property and is said to be in violation of the borough code.

One October 13, 2015 the borough’s Zoning Board agreed that the work stoppage issued on the property was justified in a 5-2 vote.

Fox Rothschild’s Jack Plackter was among those against the resurrection of the property arguing that the “rear-yard setback” was measured at the wrong point, which caused the building to be out of regulation with the neighboring houses. The property was measured from the farthest bulkhead of the street as opposed to the closets creating a structure “that sticks out like a sore thumb,” according to Plackter.

An individual testifying in favor of the project frequently tried to redirect the questioning of Plackter by referring to other locations in Avalon or by stating, “That’s your opinion.”

“It’s not my opinion,” Plackter answered. “It’s the ordinance.”