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California’s legal climate presents unique challenges to businesses operating in the state. A frequent author and speaker on employment law, Jeff is a regular contributor to the firm’s California Employment Law blog, providing insight into the full spectrum of California labor laws concerning class actions, wage and hour issues, overtime matters, discrimination and harassment claims, privacy concerns, accommodations and other issues.

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  • Sexual Overperception Bias and Workplace Harassment Humans are not unbiased observers and decision makers. I’m not talking here about prejudice based on protected categories. I’m talking more generally about systemic flaws in how our brains interpret and act upon information. Take for example the Ebbinghaus Illusion. There are two red circles in the image below. While people consistently see the left one as smaller, they’re the same size. Scientists spend a lot of time studying how and why we consistently misinterpret the world around us. Michael Lewis... More
  • Stop Picking On Me – California Outlaws Hairstyle Discrimination Showing once again its willingness to break new ground in enacting employee protections, California will soon ban discrimination based on certain hairstyles. Senate Bill 188, signed by Governor Newsom on July 3, 2019, expands the definition of “race” in the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Specifically, the following paragraphs will be added to Cal. Gov’t Code § 12926 effective January 1, 2020: (w) “Race” is inclusive of traits historically associated with race, including, but not limited to, hair texture and protective hairstyles. (x) “Protective hairstyles”... More