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California’s legal climate presents unique challenges to businesses operating in the state. A frequent author and speaker on employment law, Jeff is a regular contributor to the firm’s California Employment Law blog, providing insight into the full spectrum of California labor laws concerning class actions, wage and hour issues, overtime matters, discrimination and harassment claims, privacy concerns, accommodations and other issues.

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  • 3 New California Cities Enact Minimum Wage Laws California now has 39 separate minimum wages. First, you have two state minimum wages ($12 for employers with 26 or more employees; $11 for 25 or fewer). Then 27 cities have minimum wage ordinances, many of which have multiple minimum wages for different categories of employers. How can anyone keep up with this all? Easy! Tyreen Torner has made you this handy chart. Isn’t Tyreen the best!?... More
  • Six “Good Deeds” That CA Employment Law Punishes Harshly The phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” applies in many contexts, including California employment law. Here are six ways that employers get into trouble by trying to do favors for their workers. Treating an employee as an independent contractor. Some workers want you to treat them as independent contractors so they aren’t subject to withholding. But even if they agree to it in writing, that doesn’t protect you from liability. First, if the workers change their minds and bring wage claims, you... More