Demi Moore 911 Call is Public Information, for Better or Worse

January 27, 2012 – In The News
Entertainment Weekly

Jeffrey S. Kravitz commented on the release of Demi Moore's January 911 calls that were recently revealed to millions online. While 911 calls are considered public information, many question the morality in posting Moore's 911 call online for millions to hear.

Kravitz says that Moore’s celebrity status means she “is a public figure, so she has very limited protection.”

However, attorney Tony Stuart said "How can a person feel free to give important info over the telephone to a 911 dispatch if they’re worried that something they say might be broadcast to the public?”

Kravitz agreed saying ”You could make a good argument that it is in the public’s interest not to reveal these [tapes], because, otherwise, people would not call [911], to their detriment.”

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