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Jennifer contributes to the New Jersey Family Legal Blog. This blog provides practical information and useful tips related to such topics as alimony, child support, custody, parenting time, divorce, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, and grandparent visitation. This blog is an excellent resource for individuals with New Jersey specific family law questions and advisors whose clients may encounter family law issues.

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  • Smile for the Camera, and other Family Law nightmares You never know when or where the next video camera or recording device  is going to show up. And when you’re in the middle of a contested divorce, particularly if there are custody issues, caution is key. I was reminded of this recently when a local news channel reported on complaints against Amazon delivery drivers who had thrown packages at  customers’ doors. The drivers had been caught because the homeowners had set up video cameras to monitor anyone coming up... More
  • A Rainbow by Any Other Name-Legal Name Change Granted for Transgender Child In a case of first impression in New Jersey, I was privileged to represent the mother and custodial parent of a transgender child in a contested, but successful, application for  the child’s legal name to be changed to the name which more accurately reflects the gender with which he identifies.  The case, Sacklow v. Betts,  has resulted in a reported decision (precedential) and gives guidance for judges who will no doubt be addressing these issues in the future. Janet Sacklow retained counsel... More
  • Don’t Be a Jerk – And Don’t Ask Me To Be One for You. I am not generally one to make resolutions at the New Year.  Most of them would involve eating, and I have a sweet tooth, so I am destined to fail. That being said, I do try to make some improvements to my work life each January and in addition to cleaning my desk, they include giving my clients some resolutions they should think about. Copyright: underverse / 123RF Stock Photo Number 1.  Don’t be a jerk.  Your dissolution/custody/post-judgment matter has enough difficult... More
  • Divorce Lessons from Capt. Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp a.k.a. Capt. Jack Sparrow is in the news again, this time for his failure to pay Amber Heard a $7 million divorce settlement. Heard had promised that any settlement that she received from Depp would be donated to charity. She has chosen two charities, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to be the beneficiaries of her largess. Depp hasn’t made the payout yet because he wants to pay directly to the charities... More
  • What not to say to your kids in a divorce. As a family lawyer who deals with custody issues, I often remember Keanu Reeve’s line in the 1989 movie, Parenthood:  “You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, or drive a car. H(eck), you need a license to catch a fish! But they’ll let any  *&%$ (expletive) be a [parent].”  There is no instruction manual, and a divorce often brings out some of the challenges of being a parent. Attorneys are often asked by clients what they... More
  • The Importance of a Credit Score Lawyers and litigants alike have long understood the importance of maintaining a good credit rating before, during, and after the divorce. As the parties, particularly one who has not had significant employment during the marriage know, a positive credit rating is critical to establish a new residence, purchase vehicles, and start a new, single life. Often however, the actions of one party can have the effect of damaging irreparably the credit rating of the other. This often happens in the... More
  • Difficult and sometimes perplexing International Custody issues in the news- Again! Actress Kelly Rutherford is back in the news as the more than six year international custody battle for her children continues its latest chapter.  The case is presently in Monaco where her children are currently residing with their father, German businessman, Daniel Giersch. From a family law perspective, this case addresses almost every issue which judges struggle with on a daily basis. It also shines a bright light on the problematic issues associated with our ever mobile society. Copyright: olegdudko /... More
  • J is for Justifying a Deviation from the Child Support Guidelines Your lawyer has just told you what you are likely to receive for child support and your jaw has dropped because you know the amount comes nowhere near the actual cost of supporting the children. How then, do you get your soon-to-be ex-spouse to pay what you consider to be a fair amount for the children? In a recent unreported decision, the court ordered an enhanced amount of child support ($50,000) but was then reversed on appeal because the judge failed... More
  • How to divide an Island and other wedding gift questions The BBC has recently reported that Cristiano Ronoldo, the soccer superstar, has given his agent a Greek Island for a wedding gift. While a Greek island may not be the typical wedding gift for most couples, the question of how the wedding gifts are divided in the event of a divorce certainly comes up often. Copyright: photografier / 123RF Stock Photo New Jersey, as well as the majority of states, considers all property that was acquired during the marriage to be subject... More
  • Staying Together for the Kids- Maybe not such a great idea Oftentimes clients say that they are waiting until after high school or college graduation to get a divorce so that the child or children do not have to experience a divorce.  A lofty goal in most cases in which at least one party is dreadfully unhappy. Yet as they say, the road to you know where is paved with good intentions and this may be another example. Copyright: goodluz / 123RF Stock Photo Recently, I read a column in which the writer... More