A Guide to Every Day Risk Avoidance Techniques and How To Address a Customer Complaint

March 24, 2015E-Books


Throughout the many years that I have defended financial advisors and their employers, we have often heard our clients ask, “I worked so hard and went out of my way for this client, so why I am being sued?” The answer to that question in most instances has nothing to do with the work ethic of the advisor.

The seeds of many customer-initiated complaints are not sown in malfeasance or negligence, but, frequently stem, instead, from customer selection and long-term client management, including a lack of adequate communication. When a client lodges a complaint, improper handling of that complaint exacerbates the problem, whether real or perceived.

This guide was created to highlight common pitfalls, problematic client conduct, unique issues when working with seniors and simple techniques that financial advisors may use to minimize their risk of being sued, and, if sued, provide a strong defense. It also addresses critical initial steps regarding the handling of a customer complaint.

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