N.J. Senate Confirms Eight Christie Nominees To Be Judges in Essex County

August 18, 2014 – In The News
The Star Ledger

Kenneth Rosenberg was quoted in The Star Ledger article, “N.J. Senate confirms eight Christie nominees to be judges in Essex County.” While the full text can be found in the August 18, 2014, issue of The Star Ledger, a synopsis is noted below.

On August 18, 2014, the New Jersey Senate confirmed eight judges to serve in the overwhelmed Essex County Superior Court, which has been suffering from an overabundance of vacancies recently. This confirmation acts as a critical juncture in a prolonged standstill with Gov. Chris Christie over who is to sit on the bench in New Jersey's fullest county.

As president of the Essex County Bar Association, Kenneth Rosenberg said the lack of judges in Essex has taken a toll on litigants and their lawyers.

He elaborates, "It's very difficult to obtain a trial date. It's almost routine that you're going to appear in court and you're going to be told, 'Come back another day because we don't have a judge to hear your case.'"

Rosenberg adds that those delays have a domino effect on people going to court.

Some witnesses are unable to reschedule and attorney costs quickly accumulate when a case is postponed. Also, some clients "have an emotional attachment to their case — they want to see justice served, they want their day in court." Such delays most commonly affect civil and family cases, such as business disputes, divorces, or custody battles over children.

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