New Jersey Issues Posters for Paid Sick Leave Law

October 15, 2018Alerts Labor & Employment Alert

In an update to our May 4, 2018 alert, New Jersey Passes Paid Sick Leave Law, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has issued an official employee notice that employers are required to provide employees under the Law.

In its Oct. 8 announcement, DOL said employers in the State of New Jersey must display this official poster in conspicuous and accessible places at each of its work locations informing employees of their rights and responsibilities. The Law also requires that new employees receive the written notice from their employers upon commencement of their employment (and that existing employees receive it by November 29, 2018).

Employers must also provide copies of the written notice to employees upon request. Any employer found not to be complying with these laws may face monetary fines.

The New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act (NJPSLA) goes into effect on October 29, 2018 and employers must comply with these poster requirements on or before this date. The poster can be downloaded from the New Jersey government website.

The poster on earned sick leave covers these categorical topics:

  • Amount of Earned Sick Leave
  • Rate of Accrual
  • Date Accrual Begins
  • Date Earned Sick Leave is Available for Use
  • Acceptable Reasons to Use Earned Sick Leave
  • Family Members Definition
  • Advance Notice
  • Reasonable Documentation
  • Unused Sick Leave and Carry-Over Provisions
  • Right to be Free from Retaliation for Using Earned Sick Leave
  • Right to File a Complaint

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