Ten Possible ‘American Idol’ Replacements For J-Lo and Steven Tyler

July 17, 2012 – In The News
The departures of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez from their roles as judges on the reality television show “American Idol” have created quite a buzz throughout the music industry. The job openings have left many industry professionals wondering about potential replacement judges for the hit show.

Forbes recently polled a group of music industry insiders for their opinions on who could potentially replace Tyler and Lopez. Lori Landew, a partner and co-chair of the firm’s Entertainment Practice, gave her thoughts on potential replacements to Forbes.

One of the rumored replacements is Johnny Wright, who has managed groups including the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and the Jonas Brothers, and has been involved with a number of music-oriented reality shows already, including "Fame" and "Making the Band."

Landew told Forbes that “[Wright] might be a good person [for Idol]. You want somebody whose judgment you trust in terms of being able to judge the talent, but also somebody who’s going to provide some entertainment value in and of themselves.”

Landew also believes other potential replacements include Queen Latifah, who Landew notes, has “that right combination” of experience as a performer and warmth as a person.

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