Day in Court

The award-winning Day in Court program, which Marilou created as a member of the Montgomery Bar Association’s Diversity Committee, gives students an up-close look at the legal system in operation.

Launched in 2011, Day in Court brings students to the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA, where they observe live court proceedings and have an opportunity to speak afterward with the presiding judge and other members of the county bench. Students also meet with the district attorney, chief public defender, a retired county detective and the county commissioners.

The program’s goal is to give young people an insider’s look at the legal process, connect them with role models in the profession and help them to see the law as a potential future career. Day in Court serves as an experiential complement to the legal education program Marilou also created, “Teach Law,” in which volunteer attorneys visit schools in the county to teach students about the law and legal principles.

In 2013, the Pennsylvania Bar Association singled-out the Day in Court program for its County Bar Recognition Award, which honors efforts that impact the future of the legal profession.

Marilou was also the recipient of the Montgomery Bar Association’s prestigious Henry Stuckert Miller Community Service Award in 2016 for her dedication to public education and the advancement of the legal field.

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