The Final UAS Rule Is Coming!

December 21, 2020Next Month
Fox Rothschild LLP

The UAS industry has been trapped in rulemaking limbo for a while. The FAA made it clear that the final rules for flight over people, night operations and remote identification are intertwined, and none would be released until all were complete.

That logjam may be about to break. It appears the final remote identification rule will be published before the end of this year and, presumably, the final rules for flight over persons and night operations will be released simultaneously. What will these final rules look like?

Join Fox Aviation Practice Co-Chair Mark Dombroff and Partner Mark McKinnon for a complimentary webinar comparing the draft and final rules and providing a detailed summary of how these new rules will shake up the industry.

Topics will include:

  • How do the final rules differ from the proposed rules?
  • How does the Remote ID system work, and who is responsible for compliance?
  • What new burdens will UAS manufacturers face?
  • How soon can UAS start operating over people?
  • What are the new pilot licensing requirements?
  • How will these new rules affect flight beyond visual line of sight?
  • What other issues will the FAA turn its attention to now that these rules are final?