Wage-and-Hour Suits Surging, Fueled by Economic Conditions

June 20, 2014 – In The News
New Jersey Law Journal
Mark Tabakman was quoted in "Wage-and-Hour Suits Surging, Fueled by Economic Conditions." The full article is available in the June 20, 2014 issue of the New Jersey Law Journal, but a synopsis is provided below.

In current bleak economic times, wage-and-hour suits have seen a dramatic increase both in New Jersey and across the country with no signs of turning around in the near future.

Roseland's Mark Tabakman, who has specialized in wage-and-hour law for 18 years, explains that he has seen a recent influx of plaintiff lawyers practicing in the field and "people are looking for more ways to get money."

Tabakman continues to say that when certification of a collective action is granted, "pressure on the defendant to settle becomes excruciating because the costs of defending this kind of lawsuit are astronomical, coupled with the possibility of doubling damages and fee-shifting. As a defendant, you have to be very, very confident that your legal position is sustainable if you're fighting a class action."

Having not seen the mass of wage-and-hour litigation levelling off, Tabakman reasons that "a lot of these laws aren't black and white; they're very gray."